A Real Life Patient Experience

I got this message via my website from my patient this morning. The reason I’m posting it here is because this is a typical patient experience when it comes to opiate abuse/dependency issues. Typical. People NEED to know treatment is easy and EFFECTIVE. STOP suffering and get help. Most of the time this CAN be done through a doctor’s office. My patient is on top of the moon! Maybe you can be too.

“Dr. Bacchus I just wanted to thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. I cant begin to tell you how excited I am. You know when I was searching for a dr to help me with my addiction issues. I’ve seen multiple doctors thruout my long runs on acquiring pills. You are the first one that… forgive my language but “took no shit”. I needed that. Maybe the others saw right thru me but didn’t care enough. Tough love. I know I can call you in between appointments if I ever needed anything or somthing wasn’t right. I also learned real quick when my meds ran out early not to call. Which ultimately put the ball in my court. The first doctor that didn’t enable my addiction. All’s I’m saying is I thank you so much. Thank you for your patience with me. I know I am an intense person. When all the meds are stopped I still would like to see you for underlying causes along with weekly therapy with you ( if my insirence would cover it) or a sliding scale alternative therapist. I feel I have came along way but I also know my behavior as an addict is still here. A lot of work to do. Somewhat discouraging. Well I woke up this morning and stuck to your instructions and I no longer miss/ want the suboxone. ANYMORE! 🙂 I’m sorry for ranting again I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done with me. Your a tough doctor man. Respect! Thanks again see you next month”

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