Narcotic Abuse, Dependence and Treatment

Currently in the United States, 7 million people are addicted or physically dependent to some form of opiate or prescription pain killer. Substance abuse disorders are at epidemic proportions. In my practice, I have seen many patients suffer with various addictions and/or other mental illnesses. Often these disorders are not adequately treated at rehabilitation and sober living programs … Read more

Drugs, Alcohol and Blood?

I think the Twilight movies and cast of characters are kind of dumb. They are an interesting take on vampirism, being addicted to blood. I won’t even get into the psycho-sexual aspects that make these movies popular but as an addiction specialist, I started to think, how would I detox a vampire from blood? Slow taper? Placebo blood type? … Read more

Less is MORE

Last week at the end of our session my patient told me, “I’m glad I found you”. He had earlier seen an “addiction medicine” doctor who detoxed him off of opiates, i.e., 20+ Norco’s per day. This doctor used a Suboxone taper with Tramadol and detoxed him over 5 days. The Suboxone was appropriate;  the … Read more