Get over it!

This last month President Obama stated that we Americans need to get over the stigma of mental illness. Since then, there has been a shooting here in Santa Monica, right down the street from my office at Santa Monica College. As a psychiatrist, I’m with the Pres on this. Life is hard but it shouldn’t … Read more

Mental Health Issues in the Black American Community

Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” was my banner song during the last year of my psychiatric residency training. She gave me a sound track that became part of my identity. Watching the Grammy Awards Night was tremendously painful; we lost an American Treasure…a Black American Treasure.  As a Black American myself, we should learn and … Read more

Serotonin smile

Yesterday one of my patients told me she was much better withher new medication. “I have a serotonin smile.” One of the reasons I went into psychiatry is because it can beso funny! Everyday I laugh at something. I’ll try to share theseas I go along.