The Good, Bad and Ugly

When I see patients, I begin by using a biopsychosocial model.This kind of orientation allows me to organize treatment plans that are comprehensive and keeps the big picture in mind. It also prevents me from missing the details that are important to your healthcare. The Good is in reference to biology. Is your health good? … Read more

Photo shows ER doctor’s grief after losing 19-year-old patient

Photo shows ER doctor’s grief after losing 19-year-old patient: Photo shows ER doctor’s grief after losing 19-year-old patient. When I saw this photo I started crying again. It reminded me of the time several months back when I treated a patient who at 28 years of age was suffering from end-stage renal disease. This patient … Read more

Differences Between Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists

I am not a psychotherapist. I am a psychiatrist. Psychotherapists are non-physician mental health providers. They include psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists. Because they are not physicians, they cannot prescribe medications. Let me emphasize, psychologists are not physicians. Most of my patients don’t seem to know the difference. As a physician, I am … Read more

Unhinged vs Unplugged

The week before Christmas, I saw 75 patients in my office. 10-15 were new patients and the majority of these patients had know idea about what I do. In the end, I’m glad they had the nerve to come. I don’t think I’d go to a doctor’s office without having some idea of what to … Read more