It’s time…

Mental disorders are characterized by abnormal thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Last year 36,000 people died from drug overdoses associated with obsessive thoughts and impulsive behaviors.

Last year 36,000 people died from suicide associated with depression and other emotional disorders.

Last year about 20,000 people died from gunshot wounds associated with emotional disorders and impulsive behaviors.

That’s 100,000 people who died from treatable and preventable causes. It’s time to talk about gun control laws and mental health for everyone. Sandy Hook is in my prayers. Who will it be the next time?

3 thoughts on “It’s time…”

  1. I agree. It is time to openly talk about mental health and be educated about it. Let's avoid another round of consequences such as the Sandy Hook tragedy. We can no longer ignore the fact that 'hurt' people, hurt people. They need help!


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