Unhinged vs Unplugged

The week before Christmas, I saw 75 patients in my office. 10-15 were new patients and the majority of these patients had know idea about what I do. In the end, I’m glad they had the nerve to come. I don’t think I’d go to a doctor’s office without having some idea of what to expect.

Most were relieved to find out they suffered from simple mental diseases that are highly treatable. However, the misinformation that most of my new patients relayed to me was down right crazy. In my practice I don’t see crazy very often–seriously.

Most people thought I do “Soprano” psychiatry where I’m sitting in a plush office with a patient asking deep
probing questions about their childhood for 1 hour. Others thought I do “Tom Cruise” psychiatry and give out pills in some haphazard fashion on request. The fact is most psychiatrists don’t do either.

This blog I’m hoping will dispel these myths and bring some common sense and straight forward explanations about what psychiatry is and is not, what it does and doesn’t do, what it can and can’t do. Mental diseases and all aspects of treatment will be discussed, clarified and simplified. Current information and standards of psychiatric treatment and disease management will be emphasized. In short, I’ll try to put some sanity into defining psychiatry as my medical specialty.

Prior to Christmas I did feel unhinged. Now I feel better. Psychiatry unplugged is how I’m starting the New Year!

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