Mind Your Health...

Mind your health... It's Just that simple

At Psychiatry Unplugged, we believe in simple, straightfoward, no spin mental health evaluations and treatments that are essentially unplugged.

Psychiatry Unplugged

Our 4 Step Approach

Our 4 step approach delivers a highly specialized and effective treatment plan by conveying straightforward, concise, no-spin information about your condition

We focus on the biological, social, and psychological aspects of your condition to improve your overall health and quality of life. Restoring function in all aspects of your life is emphasized.

Less medication means fewer side effects and drug interactions.

All aspects of general psychiatry can easily be identified and treated, but our sub-specialized training in medical psychiatric disease management includes addiction medicine and psychopharmacology.

Treatment plans are individualized and goal oriented to provide immediate relief and speedy resolution of symptoms and dysfunction.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Services

Our Services


Accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of mental disorders

Addiction Medicine

Assist with drug substance detoxification, rehabilitation, treatment and more.

Patient Resources

Medical causes of depression, mood, anxiety, psychosis, and negative thoughts


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