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In the United States, the percentage of persons aged 18 and up who have frequent emotions of worry, uneasiness, or anxiety is 12.5%, whereas the percentage of adults aged 18 and up who have regular symptoms of sadness is 5.0%. The primary cause of rising mental illness is experiencing aggressive behavior (a dramatic rise in child abuse, adult abuse, sexual abuse, etc.) Sleep deprivation/reduction. Parents are under more financial strain. Contact our Board-certified Psychiatrist, Dr. Soroya Bacchus, MD. at Psychiatry Unplugged for a wide range of mental health services such as ketamine therapy, psychiatric evaluation, psychiatric diagnosis, medication-assisted treatment, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, ADHD, bipolar disorders, depression, and more. Call us or request an online appointment for a better and healthier life. We have convenient locations to serve you in Los Angeles and Glendale, and we will soon be opening a new location in Las Vegas, NV. We serve patients from Glendale CA, Los Angeles CA, Beverly Hills CA, Santa Monica CA, Hollywood CA, Burbank CA, and Pasadena CA.

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