How Diet Affects Mental Health

Are you wondering about simple ways to reduce your feelings of anxiety and depression? If so, you’re not alone. Mental health issues are extremely common in today’s high-stress world, but many people prefer natural solutions that are easy to implement. Fortunately, improving your diet can have a direct and positive impact on your overall state … Read more


I’m happy to announce I passed the new Addiction Medicine board certification. This means I’m current in evidence based care for substance use disorders. This new board certification will set the standards for addiction diagnosis and treatment and supersedes the old ABAM certification. I am sometimes floored by the misinformation out there. I don’t really … Read more

A Real Life Patient Experience

I got this message via my website from my patient this morning. The reason I’m posting it here is because this is a typical patient experience when it comes to opiate abuse/dependency issues. Typical. People NEED to know treatment is easy and EFFECTIVE. STOP suffering and get help. Most of the time this CAN be done through … Read more

There is a fine line between tolerance and death

This really breaks my heart. I feel like I grew up under his Purple glory. Prince’s death was probably an accidental overdose. With these drugs, the difference between tolerance and death is a fine line. Rebound pain is a symptom I see frequently with opiate use. When the levels of the opiate drops in the … Read more

Adderall Cheaters

Everyday in my practice I see patients who want these drugs. They usually don’t have ADHD and present very normally on mental status examinations. Using these drugs for performance enhancement is unethical. I treat disease. I have seen patients get angry and leave bad reviews because I refuse to give out these controlled substance prescriptions. … Read more

MIND your Health

This summer MIND your health. Besides exercising and eating right, think about how your brain is doing. Are you sleeping 8 hours most nights? Are you restless and feel nervous all the time? When was the last time you really enjoyed anything? Are you bored? Do you feel stuck? How is your energy, motivation and concentration? Are you irritable and moody all … Read more

The Good, Bad and Ugly

When I see patients, I begin by using a biopsychosocial model.This kind of orientation allows me to organize treatment plans that are comprehensive and keeps the big picture in mind. It also prevents me from missing the details that are important to your healthcare. The Good is in reference to biology. Is your health good? … Read more