Understanding Anorexia – How to deal with this Eating Disorder

Understanding Anorexia is very important in managing this disease. Without the proper knowledge about it, it won’t be taken seriously as a life threatening medical condition. The incidence of anorexia has become alarming. We often hear this disorder affects those in the entertainment and modeling industries where many women think when they’re skinny, they’re beautiful. … Read more

Mental Health Issues in the Black American Community

Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” was my banner song during the last year of my psychiatric residency training. She gave me a sound track that became part of my identity. Watching the Grammy Awards Night was tremendously painful; we lost an American Treasure…a Black American Treasure.  As a Black American myself, we should learn and … Read more

L.E.A.R.N. — A Strategy for a Happier Life

I guide my patients towards a happier life using a simple acronym: L.E.A.R.N. L.E.A.R.N. stands for Live in the moment, Examine your thoughts, Acquire new coping skills or strategies, Relax, and “No” when to say no. This strategy can apply to all psychological and psychiatric issues, particularly as an aftercare maintenance protocol and can help … Read more

How are you feeling today?

It’s that time of the year and my office is packed. The holidays are often worse with my patients who suffer from mental disorders. Recently, I saw my patient whom I’ve been following for a long time. She has schizophrenia and has been doing well. She hasn’t had paranoid delusions or hallucinations for years now. … Read more

Scrat…musings on ADHD

My office assistant Patricia said, “You’ve got a live one.” I thought Okkkkkkay…, as I readied myself for my next patient. When I stepped out to greet him, he jumped, I mean really jumped! He was extremely nervous and kept looking around, like he was leaving something behind. When we sat down face to face, … Read more


I’ve been procrastinating. The last time I posted was over 6 months ago. Not that I didn’t want to, at least not really. Sure, I’ve been busy and life has been tough. Listening to my patients these last 6 months it’s obvious it has been tough for a lot of people, not just me. I … Read more

Serotonin smile

Yesterday one of my patients told me she was much better withher new medication. “I have a serotonin smile.” One of the reasons I went into psychiatry is because it can beso funny! Everyday I laugh at something. I’ll try to share theseas I go along.

Differences Between Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists

I am not a psychotherapist. I am a psychiatrist. Psychotherapists are non-physician mental health providers. They include psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists. Because they are not physicians, they cannot prescribe medications. Let me emphasize, psychologists are not physicians. Most of my patients don’t seem to know the difference. As a physician, I am … Read more