Can’t Sleep? 10 No Medication Tips!

…OK, so there are actually 11 Tips! Sleep difficulties are the most common complaints that I encounter in my practice. Often the reasons for poor sleep include anxiety disorders, mood disorders and a myriad of medical disorders. Although treatment often requires medications, treatment plans always include learning how to sleep correctly. We call this sleep … Read more

Stressed out?

Yesterday while out with friends, I was asked what was the most common disorder that I treat. Without thinking twice I answered anxiety disorders. Yes, most people suffer with anxiety (including myself) that for the most part, is normal. Anxieties that interfere with your day to day activities or impair your ability to function should … Read more


I’ve been procrastinating. The last time I posted was over 6 months ago. Not that I didn’t want to, at least not really. Sure, I’ve been busy and life has been tough. Listening to my patients these last 6 months it’s obvious it has been tough for a lot of people, not just me. I … Read more